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    [Pall ring for sale]Deere packing introduces the design of packing absorber and selection of packing

    Pulished on May. 23, 2019

    Degere packin introduces the design of packing absorber and selection of packing

    Design of packing absorber and selection of packing:

    Absorber is to achieve the absorption of equipment, the shell of the Structured Packing absorber is made of metal materials, but also can be plastic manufacturing, it is by the shell, packing, packing support, liquid distributor, intermediate support and redistributor, gas and liquid inlet and outlet pipe components. So how do we design a packed absorber? There are two main steps in the design: 1. 2. Absorption tower design. When we design the packed tower, we calculate the material and heat balance of the absorption process according to the system property of the absorption system, the separation purity of the absorbed group, operating conditions and other parameters. Mass transfer calculation to determine the height of the required packing layer; Calculate and determine the diameter and height of the tower, and reasonably design the liquid and gas distributor and other internal parts of the tower. First of all, the design task must be clearly defined to determine the raw material gas treatment capacity and components; The separation requirement is put forward, that is, the content of the separated component in the purified gas or the recovery rate of the separated component. The content of soluble components in the tower solution; Operating temperature and pressure of the tower; The temperature and pressure of gas phase and liquid phase entering the tower; Other requirements of the absorption process, such as whether there are special requirements for the whole tower pressure drop, whether there are heat-sensitive substances, corrosion of the material system, etc.

    Structured Packing

    Packing selection:

    The type, size and material of the packing supplied by Ceramic Packing Supplier shall be selected according to the nature of the material, the degree of separation difficulty, operating conditions, corrosion performance of the material and other factors. Packing may be in bulk or in regular packing. Structured packing has high porosity, low pressure and large allowable flux. Structured packing is suitable for difficult separation controlled by gas film. However, compared with bulk packing, structured packing is more expensive and more complicated to manufacture and install than bulk packing. Bulk packing is widely used in absorption with strong adaptability, low price, convenient manufacture, installation and cleaning. Both structured packing and bulk packing, there are various models and sizes, and all kinds of fluid mechanics properties of packing, such as mass transfer performance and elastic load operating have bigger difference, several kinds of packing can be primary, tower diameter, pressure drop calculation, estimate the equipment investment cost and operation cost, optimize comparison packing type and upper part of cunkou pulse, under normal circumstances, the amount of fluid absorption process are big, appropriate USES large size of the packing.

    Packing selection: what about the packing material, the absorption process of metal, plastic and ceramic, should look by the characteristics and operating conditions of the separation medium, the metal material often have stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, low alloy steel, such as plastic material such as polyethylene, PVC, and polypropylene, ptfe, ceramic are acid alkali ceramics, ceramic, etc. Material should be selected according to the corrosion degree of the material, and the heat resistance of the plastic material should also be considered.

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